Art is when somebody gives you something you didn’t even know you need, but it feels so good to accept it. We believe this is the goal and duty of the interior designer, to show a perspective which the customer does not see in the flat and recognizes it with pleasure. This is realized when the ideas are tailored considering the style, cost and return preference of the customer. This is how we work.

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… Zsuzsa, the owner of the flat:

“We thank you very much your work – I have renovated already two flats completely and I have followed other ones as well, and with this experience I really appreciate thet we finished this within budget and deadline set, and you executed it precisely and reliably. On top comes the content :)”

… Szilárd, the owner of the flat:

“We were absolutely satisfied with Rita and Zoli’s professional attitude. It was easy to work with them from the beginning, they communicated efficiently, they came up with creative ideas and rigorously delivered within the limited budget and deadline. It would be a pleasure to work with them again and we recommend them to everybody.”


Mónika Gálos, investor in the project:

“It was a very good experience to work with Zoli! I was amazed by the confidence and the cool-headed firmness how he managed our project. We aligned everything correctly, he always focused on my interests. I trusted him 100%, I felt my investment secured all the time. We were a good team, I hope we are going to have common work in the future again!”

Dóra …,

customer who ordered my consulting in selecting their future family house and I found her a solution in 2 months:

“Zoli has helped and contributed a lot to select the right offer, made lots of phone calls to organize the right purchase offloading these tasks from our shoulders. At the personal visit of the property he reviewed  everything in details, he complimented us well to ask everything we would have forgotten.

We are completely satisfied with his service and recommend him to anybody who is tired already in the search of the right real estate because of all the disappointments this process can result due to the advertisements which need to be read with experience to visit only the right ones. With the contribution of Zoli this disappointment could be avoided after asking his help, he saved us a lot energy and time.

We are satisfied on a 100% level, or even 120% :)”

Mátyás Balogh, owner of the apartments:

“I feel myself lucky I was Zoltan’s very first customer. Our friendship lasts already for almost a decade so I experienced in the past how talented he is based on the renovations he managed for his own. I am a person with financial mindset so when I started my real estate investment I had no doubt I need external help to keep up with the most actual trends.

As this was my first renovation project I meet some serious difficulties which were highly challenging for me. I am pretty sure that without the experience and dynamism of Zoltan it would have take more money and time for me to solve them.

This was an interesting test for our personal relationship as well. Even though I had no doubt we are going to make a good team, I was surprised to see his flexibility and professionalism in the challenging situations. Being a result focused person I have to admit that we created cheaper and faster something better than I ever imagined out of the budget limits I set. I think the pictures talk for themselves… it was worth the lot of work 🙂 “

Tímea Pirkhoffer, owner of the apartment:

“After approving the visualized interior design plans next time I visited the apartment it was ready after renovation. I literally stoped to breath by the astonishment I felt seeing what Zoltan has created from the starting conditions. The result outshined what I imagined! 🙂

Great ideas and skillful implementation… this is how this gem was created which is even better than how it looks like on the pictures!

Thank you again for the professional work! 🙂 “

Vera … ,

customer who ordered my consulting in selecting the right apartment and I found her a solution in 1,5 months:

“Zoltan was not only quick and reliable but also unique in helping me in person to ensure I find the best possible investment opportunity. He has provided help in the purchase of apartment in a market condition in which I searched for solution for long time without result. I recommend his kind approach and expert service to everybody who is looking for fair and efficient help in his or her investment, leasing or renovation plans.”

Zsuzsanna Erdei,

customer who ordered my consulting service to plan together the concept and colour selection for the renewal of her flat before the works, and I appreciate her feedback because I believe the goal of the interior designer is not to push his/her own ideas but to support the systematization of the ideas  of the customer into a harmonic plan:

“None the less I didn’t select from the concepts you proposed, I considered lots of things as a result of your suggestions and I changed my mind in couple of details due to your ideas which lead me to my final plan.”

Gábor …, owner of the apartment:

“I asked Zoltan and Rita to plan the image and style of my new flat. I know Zoltan as a conscientious, correct and helpful team mate with whom it was good and efficient to work.

The concepts presented were so well targeted that I found challenge to select out of the two options. Even if I planned a modest budget to renovate the flat I understood that I have to pay more if I want to realize the design accepted. I have to admit that seeing its result every penny contributed to my satisfaction. Zoltan has helped a lot in researching for and acquiring the materials and furniture from cheaper sources I would have found. He also contributed with exciting and cost effective DIY ideas to save costs.

I strongly recommend him to anybody who is open for his modern view which I experienced very much focused on my owner needs, or anybody who feels the need of a correct outsider advisor, because his designs reflect the actual trends and are outstandingly useful.“

The photographer taking photos of the flat for airbnb:

“I take photos of 5-6 flats a day for airbnb, and it is quite rare to see one such designed”




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