Location: County Fejér, Velence

Area: 7 sqm

Year: 2016

Goal: The goal of this project was to renovate a nearly 30 years old bathroom covered with simple white tiles.  The bathroom is located in a weekend house near the lake Velence of which furniture and windows are all made by pine wood. This is why the owner requested me to plan a bathroom which is modern and according to the nowadays fashion, still integrated in the look and feel of the house.

Specialty: The special flavour of the final version is the herringbone pattern of the wood pattern tiles which goes up on the wall of the towel rails as well. The impression of this pattern along with the pictures on the wall is like being in a living room in a bathroom. We planned to build a wall in front of the actual wall with the window to create a 15 cm deep place for shelves in the shower and a hidden storage behind the mirror over the sink.

Project status: Completed.

Photos: Zoltán Szigeti