Location: Budapest, 2nd district

Area: 29 sqm

Year: 2017

Goal: Investment for leasing on long term. Full technical & aesthetic renovation of a flat on the fifth floor while converting the room + kitchen layout to a living room with kitchen + private bedroom layout. The investment resulted in a 7% ROI after taxes.

Specialty: The flat has four windows thus it has the opportunity to establish a flat with 2 still bright rooms. My customer whom I helped to find this investment opportunity likes the shabby chic style which fits well to the mood of the more than 100 year old elegant building which used to be the headquarters of a bank while this flat was the home of one of its officers. This is why we decided to renovate the old beautiful doors and decorate the ceiling according to the style, and apply harsh brick and board surfaces on the wall which suit well this mood.

Project status: Completed.