Location: Budapest, 12th district

Area: 78 sqm

Year: 2013

Goal: The bedroom is the oasis of relaxation, this is why we decided to furnish it according to the Japanese tradition. The Japanese style has an outstandingly harmonic effect because it is not only a decoration style and some matching furniture and textiles. On top of all these it reflects a lifestyle and the zen philosophy behind. The main goal of refurbishing the living room was to open the space with the previously separated kitchen to create a community space suitable for big company. We used natural materials where we could, tables of wood, wall covered with stone, wood beam, even the wallpaper behind the sofa is a zoomed picture of the beautiful curves of an old bole. The babyroom was planned in a way to give unified and harmonic impression instead of lots of colours that feature the usual babyrooms.

Specialty: This home mirrors the world of its inhabitants, it is furnished with natural materials, their ceramics creations are on the shelves, the bedroom relaxes with zen Japanese style.

Project status: Completed.

Photos: Mátyás Soltész