Location: Budapest, 14th district

Area: 33 sqm

Year: 2017

Goal: Investment for leasing on long term. The owner of this flat was able to lease it only for 65k HUF/month below market price, therefore when the tenant has left the flat, he decided to renovate it in hope for a higher rental fee. The primary goal of course was the as soon as possible return of the invested money to make sure that the flat delivers additional income in 6 years compared to the case of leasing it with no change. The single room of the flat has three big windows, therefore we decided to split it into two rooms to create a private bedroom, because a flat with two rooms can be leased for higher price. The flat was leased in 2 weeks to a couple for 420 EUR/month instead of the former 210 EUR leasing fee before renovation, which results in a 6 year ROI of the invested capital and hopefully longer loyalty of the tenants.

Specialty: The style of the renovation was characterized by the view of the birches with scandinavian style furniture which are quite popular in the interior design of today. The forest mood created by the wall paper is strengthened by the animals visible in the decoration, its solid white-greyish colors are reflected in the furniture, which is filled with life with the colors of the couch and accessories.

Project status: Completed.

Photos: Zoltán Szigeti


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