Location: Budapest, 7th district

Area: 37 sqm

Year: 2015

“After approving the visualized interior design plans next time I visited the apartment it was ready after renovation. I literally stoped to breath by the astonishment I felt seeing what Zoltan has created from the starting conditions. The result outshined what I imagined! Great ideas and skillful implementation… this is how this gem was created which is even better than how it looks like on the pictures!” Thank you again for the professional work!”

Tímea Pirkhoffer, owner of the flat

Goal: Investment for leasing on long term. We have searched a flat to be renovated to achieve a low purchasing price. The investor asked me to deliver a modern and elegant interior characterized by black, white and light wood textures which will attract the tenants for long term. The request suited exactly the intentions of the Japanese style so I was happy to plan it accordingly. On top of the style we’ve set three main goals for the renovation: to substitute the ladder to the inner floor with normal stairs, total renovation of the bathroom, and all the renovation with the cost limit of 6k EUR. It was leased within one and a half week after advertisement for 400 EUR/month. The purchase price of the flat was 45k EUR and the budget of the renovation was below 7k EUR. This means the ROI of the investment is outstanding (400 * 12 months * 0,7 (30% taxes) / 52k EUR =)  6,5% / year.

Specialty: The special soutions of the flat are:

  • The extraordinary decoration grid on the wall in the living room and the fence of the inner floor which follows its rhytm. The fence is built by ikea lack shelves and  results in an elegant decaration and at the same time practical storage solution;
  • The unique paper lamp garland in the living room;
  • The black and wood coffee table in front of the couch is a DIY product prepared for this interior;
  • The pillows of the couch are articles from the Japanese collection of Kamilla Uhlár textile designer;
  • The picture on the wall was taken by me of the torii gates of a shinto temple in Kyoto;
  • The chess set on the table is my ceramics creation. The parties in front of each other are the animals from the polar pole and the tropics;
  • In the bathroom the elegance of the black tiles and white sanitary is complemented with extraordinary Japanese natural solutions like the stone wall covering, the poster wallpaper showing a green forest and the DIY table below the sink built by bamboo.

Project status: Completed, the flat is leased on long term.

Photos: Melinda Mile