Location: Budapest, 1st District, Castle

Area: 29 sqms

Year: 2017

Goal: Investment for leasing on long term. The owner of this flat in the last couple of years was able to rent his apartment only after long weeks of posting ads and just with the contribution of real estate agent near the market price. This is the reason why he intended to refurbish it in order to be able to lease it faster on higher price with less cost and for longer term. We could not hope significant price increase at the time of falling rental prices so the budget was minimal. Despite it as it is visible on the photos we succeeded to make visible difference with few money using the actual furniture: the optimal layout, decoration and quality photos are the key. At the end we refurbished it out of 1200 EUR (3 month rental fee + the cost deductable from tax). This cost included the following major purchases: kitchen wall covering, sink and desk 260 EUR, new bed and matress 250 EUR, washing machine 130 EUR, new dining furniture 130 EUR, lamps 100 EUR.

Specialty: The photos placed as collages on the wall are pieces from the NY photo series of Tamás Révész photographer. These make a big difference in the mood of the room while hamonizing to the original black furniture of the room. The Ranarp lamp family from IKEA compliements well to this atmosphere.

Project status: Completed.

Photos: Zoltán Szigeti