Location: Budapest, 7th district

Area: 36 sqm

Year: 2015

“I  take photos of 5-6 flats a day for airbnb, and it is quite rare to see one such designed

the photographer taking photos of the flat for airbnb

I know Zoltan as a conscientious, correct and helpful team mate with whom it was good and efficient to work.

The concepts presented were so well targeted that I found challenge to select out of the two options. I have to admit that seeing its result every penny contributed to my satisfaction. Zoltan has helped a lot in researching for and acquiring the materials and furniture from cheaper sources I would have found. He also contributed with exciting and cost effective DIY ideas to save costs.

I strongly recommend him to anybody who is open for his modern view which I experienced very much focused on my owner needs, or anybody who feels the need of a correct outsider advisor, because his designs reflect the actual trends and are outstandingly useful.

Gábor …, owner of the flat

Goal: Investment for leasing purpose on airbnb, its airbnb ID is Gourmet in Budapest. The concept of the design is based on the expectation I have when I visit a city: local feeling, good food, special experiences. I imagine it is an extraordinary experience for a visitor to rest in the living room in front of the beautiful view of the city visited even when arrived home to relax after the tiring walk on the streets.

Specialty: The design tailored for the tourists includes the highlighted Budapest feeling in the living room, recommendation of our favourite restaurants on the wall of the kitchen, special experience with the extraordinary furniture and materials implemented.

Project status: Completed, the flats are leased succesfully and continously.

Photos: Zoltán Szigeti