Location: Budapest, 7th district

Area: 52 sqm

Year: 2015

As this was my first renovation project I meet some serious difficulties which were highly challenging for me. I am pretty sure that without the experience and dynamism of Zoltan it would have take more money and time for me to solve them. I was surprised to see his flexibility and professionalism in the challenging situations. We created cheaper and faster something better than I ever imagined out of the budget limits I set.

Mátyás Balogh, the owner of the flats

Goal: Investment for leasing purpose on airbnb. My customer has bought two little apartments in downtown of Budapest in order to lease them on airbnb. The rooms of these apartments were poorly decorated and painted long time ago, on top their windows are quite shady so few light enters from outside. The task I received was to renovate them by 2 600 EUR to a condition and outlook tourists prefer to visit on a high price.

Specialty: Precise planning and DIY solutions were needed to deliver the required result with this low budget: we varnished and put together the pallet couch and tables, the couch with the same textile as the curtain is a good solution to renew it and achieve a harmonizing view in a cheap way, and we painted also the travel related inspiring messages and the mouse hole on the wall.

Project status: Completed, the flats are leased succesfully and continously.