Location: Budapest, 13th district

Area: 51 sqm

Year: 2016

“It was a very good experience to work with Zoli! I was amazed by the confidence and the cool-headed firmness how he managed our project. We aligned everything correctly, he always focused on my interests. I trusted him 100%, I felt my investment secured all the time. We were a good team, I hope we are going to have common work in the future again!

Mónika Gálos, investor

Goal: Investment for reselling purpose. I adviced this flat in the 13th district to an investor who called me with the request to invest her capital for half year with outstanding ROI as I have seen the potential to resell it on a higher price provided we modernize it.  I prepared pictures of 3 different styles of modernization of the flat  for the advertisement, these are uploaded on this page as well.

Specialty: A return on investment (ROI) of 10% is outstanding nowadays besides the low percentages banks pay for your money on the accounts. I accomplished for my customer this investment with 7,5% in 3 months, which means with 30% ROI on a year basis after taxes. We succeeded to achieve this quickly by managing to sell the property without renewal close to the same condition we purchased it, and the new customer has requested Tygertrend to plan the final design and coordinate the renovation. This exceptional return on investment was feasible with outstandingly good purchasing price and a risk undertaking investor bahaviour given the condition of the property. I am happy that besides this result we managed to agree in a sale on fair market price. I can’t wait the next similar investment opportunity!

Project status: Completed, the property was sold with expected margin.

Photorealistic design pictures: Zoltán Szigeti