interior designer, real estate investment consultant

Designing interiors is my hobby for almost a decade because the result of it is an environment creation which fills people living there with energy and makes them happy.

The return on investment of my transactions is outstanding due to my offer built up with precise financial overlook and enriched with my creative interior designer experience.

I have gathered deeper knowledge in the Japanese and Moroccan interior design, on the other hand I have projects planned in other styles as well as you can see under the menu “Projects”.

I’m different from other interior designers by deserving the trust of my customers with putting big emphasis on not only offering special ideas visualized with professional software but delivering the stylish environment targetting also savings compared to conventional solutions.

On top of these I also prepare unique ceramics on order.



interior designer

Designing interiors makes me happy since my childhood. As a teenager I prepared several plans of my children’s room to dream about the realization of it in different styles. When I visit a new apartment my fantasy always flyes on alternative furniture and installation of it which would make the space more homey, aesthetic and practical.

I always consider important in my work to (re)use the exisiting furniture in new role or way. This results in savings for the customer, an old object with emotional content can be also kept, on top the new role of it can make its look and feel even more exciting.

I prefer to furnish the apartments with unique hand made solutions and objects like DIY pillows, storing boxes or any kind of decoration.